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Enciso / Medellin Colombia

Enciso, nestled in the Garcia Rovira Province, forms an integral part of the Santander Department in the northeastern region of Colombia. This charming town, with its roots tracing back to its founding on September 9, 1773, boasts a resident population of 3,323. Remarkably, it finds itself surrounded by the vibrant presence of 2.569 million people in its greater vicinity. Thousands more people travel in and out of the district.

If you haven't experienced the sight of motorbikes darting swiftly past high-speed buses, deftly navigating around taxis, all against the backdrop of steep, challenging terrain, then you've yet to explore a neighborhood in Colombia. The sheer energy and vitality of these places are truly remarkable. While it may seem a bit chaotic to some, the residents are accustomed to living in close quarters, with loud music playing 24 hours a day. In these neighborhoods, it's common not to have windows, refrigerators, ovens, or washers and dryers, yet the sense of community and resilience shines through.

Despite the bustling chaos of life here, it's important to acknowledge that many people in this community are enduring significant hardship due to a lack of food. It's heart-wrenching to witness both children and adults opting to go to bed early, not out of exhaustion, but as a way to escape the gnawing hunger or the distressing thoughts of how they will manage to survive.


Population in Medellín  2,085,83.         
Male  1,023,288

Female  1,062, 544

We serve 4,000 people each month


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