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Humanitarian Duty: At La Cocina De Kima we believe it's a fundamental moral and ethical obligation to help those in need. No one should go to bed hungry, and by providing food to the hungry, we uphold our responsibility to care for our fellow human beings and ensure their basic well-being.

We serve 4,000 people each month in Ensico Medellin.

Medellin has some 642 thousand people suffering from food insecurity. At La Cocina de Kima, we have a vital mission: to provide nourishment to children who, under different circumstances, might otherwise return home from school with empty stomachs or go to bed hungry. For some of these children, the meals we provide may be the first they've had in days.


Empathy and Action.
We Nourish the Lives of Our Elderly

The elderly are often an overlooked community. They face challenges that can make it difficult to cry out for help.  The only ones to know of their pain are the neighbors who are in the same lonely position. Our mission is to make a difference in their lives by providing nourishing meals and an opportunity to enjoy a hearty meal.

Your contribution will directly help individuals and families in need by providing them with nourishing meals.

Starvation is real, More than half of Medellin’s 2.5 million residents go to bed hungry

Districts in the northeast and west of the city are reportedly the most in need. In Santo Domingo 82% cannot access sufficient food and in the Manrique district this figures jumps to 89%.

52% of residents cannot access sufficient food resources.


100% Transparency

Your contributions will be used efficiently and effectively to ensure that donations are used responsibly.


Community Well Being

Hunger and malnutrition have far-reaching consequences not only for individuals but also for communities and society as a whole. By alleviating hunger, we promote healthier, more productive communities, reduce poverty, and enhance overall societal well-being.
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Can you help?

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One person at a time

Our objective is to feed 300 people per day. We will we do so one person at a time.

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